High speed vs Turbo gears?

Hi! My team and I are doing VEX for the first time and we are having a hard time differentiating the high speed gears from the turbo gears. We have a bunch of 393s with a set of gears, but we’re not sure if they’re the high speed ones or the turbo ones as the previous team before us did not care for organization. Can someone please shed some light on the differences? Thank you.


On the vex motor listing, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you will see the output stage driving gear and the driven gear. It’ll be a bit difficult to count the teeth, but it’s a good way to get it accurately. If you have three sets of gears next to each other, look at which driving gear is bigger or smaller, and you can also make a judgement of Turbo/speed from there.

Trying to turn a turbo motor is noticeably easier than speed.

And once you’ve figured out which is which, label them so you won’t need to do it again!

Also turbo gears have a much wider set of teeth that leads to the output gear than the other two.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! @MGOD

It seems as though the VEX motor page is out of turbo gear kits - where do you suppose we buy some?

You would have to wait until they can restock the turbo motor kits, or see if any nearby teams would give/loan you a few of the kits.

Take a look at the resellers. I know that many only dropship from VEX, but for example robotmesh.com might have some in stock

Turbo motors are a hybrid solution between speed motors and torque motors. The speed motors are more optimized for jobs where little torque is needed and speed would have higher value. Torque motors are slow but have a very high level of torque. Turbos are slower than speed motors with more torque. I would recommend using them for drive systems and maybe intake (depends on situation) I think torque motors are the best for flywheel systems since the high gear ratios require lots of torque

I believe the terminology vex uses is “standard”, “high speed” and “turbo”.

No. Standard motors have a maximum RPM of 100, high speed at 160, and turbo at 240. So if standard motors were 1:1, high speed would be 1:1.6, and turbo would be 1:2.4. Turbos are a lot faster than high speed motors, but provide much less torque.