High Stack included in Autonomous?

I’m not sure if this was already a discussed topic and I’m sorry for reposting if it was.
But I was wondering if the highest stack scores were included in scoring for autonomous?
So for example, if during auton my robot scored 1 cone on the stationary goal, and the opposing alliance scored no cones on the stationary goal, when adding up scores to see who won auton, would my robots score for that match be 2 points (just cone value on goal) or 7 points (cone value on goal with high stack bonus)?


Yes, high stack bonuses are included in the autonomous scoring.

I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect, because here is the definition of the auto bonus:
Autonomous Bonus – A bonus awarded to the Alliance that Scores the most CONE & GOAL points
during the Autonomous Period.
It says nothing about highest stacks being included.

The official Q&A rulings, like the one linked by @puzzler7, dictate the officially accepted interpretations of the game rules:

Emphasis mine.

Ok, thanks, that is good to know.