High Stacks in Skills

I know that high stacks aren’t counted in skills … but I wonder why? It seems odd that they count in the 15 second autonomous portion of a match, but not in skills. It makes skills all about running around and getting mobile goals and heavily favoring those quick robots that can do just that and putting the cone getters at a severe disadvantage.

Getting the nearest mobile goal in the 5 point zone is more than twice as hard as getting a cone on the stationary goal? Or the robots that just go straight and push two goals to the opposite 5 point goals is five times as hard as stacking a cone?

This years game is really a good one, but that is one of two areas that I think the game committee missed.

Maybe I’m just missing something … anyone think of a good reason that high stacks weren’t counted?

I’m not sure why they aren’t counted but if they were it would definitely add to the game as there would be more of an incentive to stack cones in each of the zones for an extra 5 points. As it stands now, it is practically useless to do anything other than mobile goals and certainly not even attempt any cones on the stationary post. If the high stacks did count, however, it would add to a greater range of strategies for skills which I believe would benefit the community.

Because highest stack requires there to be an opponent. It’s akin to the owned goals or capping bonuses from prior games. If you’re the only robot on the field, and you can score on either goal, of course you’re gonna get the highest stack. It makes no sense for it in skills.

In autonomous, you can still go for the bonus as it pertains to winning autonomous. Remember that the matches are re-scored afterwards, so nothing from autonomous necessarily will stay the same.

The higher skills scores will require getting more than just the 8 mogos. Right now we have a handful of scores that are higher than is possible with just getting the mogos. As time goes on, this will be a bigger and bigger part of skills for the really good top tier teams.

This past Saturday, a middle school team from Indianapolis (6842Z) just scored 106 in driver skills but he is still 6 cones away from the highest score so far of 112.

3 Cones, 2 points each.