High strenght shafts won't fit through the metal

How do I use the high-strength shafts on my double reverse four bar lift even though the axles won’t fit through the holes in the Vex metal

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You have to drill out the holes to accommodate the shafts. Use high strength bearings, and other high strength shaft hardware.

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Just like @Xenon27 said you need to drill a hole in the metal… use 5/16 drill bit to do so

Your metal will end up looking like this


please put a bearing flat on that regular shaft

for my sanity

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Lol there is one on the other side


is there any reason normal shafts aint sufficient??

Yes, there actually are.
Main reason why my team is considering using high strength axles is that they are MUCH harder to bend than normal axles. We’ve had quite a few issues with our old DR4B axles bending after a month of use or so

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So after going back and reading all of these replies i figured i would post the picture that inspired my original postScreenshot_20190922-100438_Chrome

I just finished a few days ago, and hs shafts work extremely well.
Edit: picture20190925_211022