High Strength 84 T gear slipping

Has anyone else experienced their high strength 84 T gears slipping on 1/4 in shafts? We used a slip gear launcher for our starstruck catapult launch and two of our slip gears keep stripping and rotating on the shafts so they are out of sync. We have the weight distributed among 4 slip gears (2 ratchet, 2 attached to lift) so we are running out of ways to reduce the force on the gears. We are currently attaching the outer slip gears to the “unslipped” adjacent gear, but we are afraid that our ratchet slip gears will still strip and go out of sync. Does anyone have any advice for preventing the gears from getting out of sync? Thanks in advance for the help.

The common cause of the gears popping out is the small shaft having too long a length between connection points and allows the shaft to bend slightly and pop.

On yours, I would swap spots of the slip gear and eliminate the full 84 tooth gear. That will reduce the spacing on that shaft. That would make your box narrower by an inch and reduce the length of the shaft between end points. It should help reduce the bending of the shaft and hopefully reduce the pops. The full 84 tooth gear is not needed. You will have to flip around the arm connected to the 84 tooth gear there too.

Team80 is describing one kind of problem but I’m wondering if you are talking about another kind of problem which I keep hearing about, a problem in which the shaft that passes through the square hole of the green gear is actually slipping and spinning inside that square hole.

Yes that is what is happening (sorry for my poor explanation). The plastic square hole of the gear is warping and allowing the gear to slip on the 1/4 in. shaft

Never mind I found another discussion with the same issue

Probably this?

This is where metal lock bars are needed. VEX has them only for ordinary shafts, but you can get HS Shaft Lock Bars here: http://www.technology-education-resources.com/media/d28e7d12b0a2c4d3ffff800fffffe417.pdf

I recently just had this problem, I fixed it by simply doubling the surface area attached to the gears. I ,in other words, connected two gears together with the shaft going through both of them. This is simple but works, I suggest putting it where there is the most load, the slip gear.