High-strength axis not fit. VEX design or manufacture faulty?

I recently want to use high-strength axis with 12t metal pinion, But they just can’t fit. It is way too tight to insert high-strength axis into 12t metal pinion. I try several different high-strength axis and12t metal pinion. None of them can fit each other Anyone has a similar issue. Am I just bad luck to get the faulty ones.

The picures show how far I can insert high-strength axis unless I use hammer.

IMG_20191109_151331 IMG_20191109_151432

Is the axle marred or damaged in any way? You might want to try sanding down the edge or side of the axle a bit.


no, everything is brand new. I have four new HS-axis and 12 new metal pinions. None of them fit each other.

This would be my suggestion



that is funny

We are seeing serious tolerance problems with the standard axles. Some are .005" larger which causes similar problems. In short, get out your belt sander…