High Strength Chain

Hi Everyone,
I know lots of people run out of chain before they run out of sprockets, we understand this can be very frustrating. We’re now carrying High Strength Chain as a stand alone product…


P/N: 276-2172 - Additional High Strength Chain


Quite the opposite for me.

When I want to use the High Strength Chain and Sprockets, I am finding myself constantly frustrated by running out of sprockets.

To equip four motors and mechanisms (like drive wheels) with four 9:9, or 12:12, or other 1:1 sprocket/chain-connections, I have to buy four Chain and Sprocket kits ($160 total!).

To gang together 3 motors (all equipped with the same size sprocket) to drive one mechanism costs $80; and If that is my drive train, the cost rises to $120 if the driven sprockets are different from the driving sprockets, or to $200 if I use a 1:1 ratio.

I like to use chain to move motors to convenient locations that away from the typically crowded locations near loads or manipulators; and I like to use chain to ensure power goes to all wheels in a driver train; and I want to experiment with things like swerve drive modules linked by chains; but…

With the sprockets packaged the way they are now (lots of sizes = good; but only 2 of each size in a $40 package = bad) I just can’t justify the expense for most experiments I want to try.

Can I be optimistic that the sprockets might some day (soon) be sold in separate 4 or 8-packs of individual sizes?

PS: This is similar to the frustration of having millions (almost)) of 36 and 60-tooth spur gears lying around collecting dust while the 84-tooth gears are getting worn out by constant use.