High Strength Gear Kit

I am proud to announce the release of the VEX High Strength Gear Kit & 12-tooth Metal Pinion Pack.



These were a long time coming, but we’re finally happy and I think you will be too.


Wow this is great!!! THANKS Vex Engineers

This will be a great addition to any Vex kit requiring high torque devices. They will are extremely necesary for my Vex Elevation robot!


WOW! COOL! Now I can build strong robots! Great!

Exactly what the doctor ordered. Perfect.

Very nice!. So, seeing as you used larger holes, are there plans for a high-strength axle?

no, there are inserts you put into the gear. you can make the gear an idler and it just spins freely on the axle, and the other locks into place so you can tranmit power (like a normal gear). it’s hard for me to explain things (do i have ADD or something???), so just look at the product page.

I think the point ltk is making is that you could use larger (0.25"?) axles if you didn’t put an insert into the hub. I had the same thought when I saw the inserts. Of course, that would be a big change to the Vex system, since none of the through-holes are large enough for a thick axle.


  • Dean

Yowza. Very very cool. Thanks IFI folks! (Order placed…)

Very nice. I look forward to being able to build stronger joints.

this is a great addition to the product line. i’ll be sure to buy one of these when i have the money. keep it up, VeX!

Grr… Leaving for a competition on Thursday - no kit for us.

That looks like a sweet kit though… Probably gonna have to pick one up.

Those look sweet… Only thing I’m worried about if we order them is that we’ll have be careful about them. No chance that we’ll have them in time for competition by next Thursday with our current budget position but our group will get them eventually… hopefully

Had these come out a week ago my team wouldn’t have torn apart our *entire *elevation bot! lol it’s ok though it forced us to go back to the original point of our design so it ended up being a blessing in disguise. These will be really nice though, the double wide gears will make assembling gearboxes so much simpler. How I despise gearboxes!!!

Are the the larger gears also coming out with the metal inserts?

I just realized how much better those are next to motors. It’ll be so much easier to tighten the motor screws vs. the old style since there’s that many holes to stick the hex through

@ 721tba… well… I’d wish we could have gotten these too xD good luck in the Vancouver Island VEX competition btw =)

I wonder if I can take this course again next year and carry this year’s experience over =O

  • Allan Kuan

wait, i’m sorry, i don’t undertand what you are talking about. can you please explain?

I think he means that if you need to tighten a motor quikly, you can just stick the hex key through one of the holes in the gear.

oh…i guess that is annoying, having to use the short end to tighen a motor when there’s a gear in the way.

VEX should really come out with an all metal gear set.