High Strength Gear Kit


But think of costs… wouldn’t be too pretty


Having worked with all-aluminum gears on the FTC/Pitsco platform, I exactly disagree with the suggestion for all-metal gears. The plastic gears are plenty strong enough for the forces involved in Vex, and the price is right. Who wants to pay $30 for a single gear? The other downside of the metal gears is the number of sliced fingers we’ve had working with them. They are quite a bit more dangerous than the plastic Vex gears.

On the other hand, I am anxiously awaiting a heavier chain-and-sprocket set. It would be super-de-duper great to have a plastic version of a #35 chain, with a wide variety of sprocket sizes. (Hello John V-N!)

I think these would be okay, no need for alu gears :slight_smile: After all, higher density plastic would increase gear strength as well.

Now one concern I have here is if the square holes will get rounded again after extensive abuse :stuck_out_tongue: Lets hope the inserts stand up to the challenge.

Next up for the Vex engineers would be stronger and faster motors please!
(P.S. Hmm perhaps I should try to get the metal pinion onto my 15krpm 7.2v motor…)

Metal inserts and a 1/4’’ hole to put them in. Should be strong enough.

I’m more worried about dropping them in some small crack.

i’ve used 100 k rpm motors before…and they are VERY fast…

Vex wasn’t exactly built for motors that huge, so it makes sense that their gears don’t necessarily hold up at those speeds. If you’re using something that powerful you’ll probably need better gears, but all metal gears are not necessary in most Vex applications.

Sweet! Metal pinion gears, we snapped a whole bunch of 12 tooth pinions last year on our 1:49 torque arm, wasn’t fun when a tooth ricochets at your face. Looking forward to working with these one day.

I am getting two sets of the “Heavy strength gear set” for my team. I hope they get here in time for our regional.

Will the 12 tooth gear work with the rack part of the advanced gear kit ok?
Or will it eat into the teeth?

It should be “okay” though I haven’t tested it. The tooth profile is the same, so they will mesh together with no problems.

I guess it depends how hard you are pressing the pinion into the rack gear. With proper spacing it should run smooth as butter.


Just got my High Strength Gear Kit. Very impressive, and I like the little bevels on the edges of the gears on the new 12-tooth steel gears. Tomorrow we get to try them out at a build session. More news to follow.

Woot! I could have used these last year… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just received my High Strength Gear Kit yesterday and it looks great!

I haven’ t had a chance to try the gears out yet, but I did try some of the inserts to see how well they fit. The metal inserts actually fit better than the plastic ones with the round holes which were harder to put in and remove.

I also noticed that the 12 tooth metal gears and the metal inserts have a light oil on them. I wasn’t sure if the oil would damage the plastic storage cases that I keep my parts in so I just left those parts in the bags they came in. Anyone have an opinion about this?

Overall, a very good kit and well worth the money. I may have to order some extra 12 tooth metal gears.

Wonderful product, Vex engineers. Hopefully my club will invest in a set…

Hopefully a few sets.

At the moment we have a couple. We got them today and they seem like they will work very well.

Bah, now that the gears are wider, we won’t get to use as many gears in our gearboxes. :frowning:

only 2/3 of what we use now lol

But that’s equatable to 4 if they are twice as wide:p

I realize, the more the better. lol