High Strength Motor Cooler

Hey everyone, LCR has made a HS motor cooler because we are sick of overheating motors during competition and we thought we should share it with everyone because we also dont like seeing other teams overheats and become virtually useless during competition

The idea was to use an air pump to pump air through a pipe, which then goes through ice and water cooling it to be blown onto the overheating motors between games. Out pump has 2 of this that can be used simultaneously.

this is what it looks like when it is all closed up and ready to be used

the guts of the blower

we hope that other people come up with similar things (and better) so overheating motors are the thing of the past :wink:

If you’re loading the motors enough to overheat, you’re being too aggressive and probably doing something wrong.

I think people got really spoiled with the clutches and breakers the last motors had and are now far too willing to push their motors beyond the limits, blaming the product for their own robot’s design problem.

Sorry, i didn’t mean to complain about the product - i was just saying that it has happened (most probably a design fault) when multiple games have been played back to back and this just cools the motors to their starting temperatures before each match so you can push your robot to the limit and use the full capacity of the motors every game

oh i didn’t realize this was a between match thing - not a bad idea