High Strength Motor Problem?

My team just ordered the new cortex micro controller bundle, aswell as many high strength motors, to get ready for next year. After a few hours of playing with them, we found that we blew clutches left and right. When we went to change the clutches we found that a clutch axel fits so far into the new high strength motors that there is hardly any axel sticking out for the clutch to grab on to! Is there any chance that i am supposed to use custom axels, or should i wait for new clutches to be released to compliment the new motors???

According to the Inventor’s Guide page, clutches are not needed with the 2-wire motors:


  • Dean

Dean is correct, clutches are NOT required with the new “Motor 393”.

We included in the kit a small metal cylinder the length of a clutch with a square hole on each end. This is the “coupler” piece and is designed as a “stand-in” for a clutch. Basically – we knew some of our users would want to directly swap the new Motor 393 motors into existing designs without changing their shaft lengths to account for the lack of a clutch, this coupler accounts for that difference!