High Strength Rack?

Does anybody know anything about the high strength racks for rack and pinon?

So they exist? Ive not heard of them

The tooth profile on the high strength gears and regular gears are the same. So the only real difference if face width of the gears to make the contact area much larger.

However, there is only one type of rack gear now. They recently replaced the one with brass inserts with open ones. These are as wide as the high strength gears. The new style use 8-32 thread screws vs the 6-32 which were harder to hold in place.

Do you have a specific question about the rack gears you need help with?

I couldn’t find them on the website

Old ones:

New ones:

Looks like you can take your choice, until the old ones are all out of stock. CAD is available on the “additional info” tab for each part

For future reference, they are found under the Gears page on the VEX EDR website.

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