high strength shaft collar

We noticed that the catapult shaft is bent (I’m sure it’s because of the pressure). We have high strength shafts and have a few questions :

  1. shaft collars - which ones are best ?
  2. guess we have to do little bit of drilling to fit the bigger shafts ?
  3. guessing we need corresponding bearings
  4. to get it quick … is there something similar in Homedepot or Lowes :slight_smile:


  1. There’s only one shaft collar for the high strength shaft collar, which is the “High Strength Clamping Shaft Collar (10-Pack) 276-3520” found here
  2. Yes, drilling is near-unavoidable and will probably be required, unless you invert the bearings to be facing inwards towards the catapult arm, with the high strength shaft made with the correct length (I recommend just drilling because it offers more support and less room for failure, and less friction). I would also suggest possibly drilling the High strength bearings (High Strength Shaft Bearing (10-Pack)
    276-3521) to be a milimeter or two larger in diameter because the shaft bearings have some amount of friction.
  3. Yep! [Above]
  4. It will be very difficult to find something at Home Depot or Lowes regarding these types of hardware. If I would check availability for similar resources, I would probably check the plumbing area maybe? Anyways though, regardless if you find something usable there, it will not be competition legal.

You really do not need a shaft collar because you will be drilling a circular hole in whatever metal is supporting the 1/4" HS shaft. I think it is a 9/32 bit (but I am not positive)(try it on a piece of scrap metal first )