High Strength Shaft Mecanums

Hi, I know that it says on the wheels page that more types of wheels will be modified to support 1/4" shafts. However, it has said this for a while now. Does anyone have an actual date these mecanums will support 1/4" shafts?

I don’t know, but if you want to use mecanum wheels for a drive base, you don’t really need high strength shafts. Just use bearings on both sides, and well designed engineering to support the wheel better. Is there a reason I am missing as to why you want to use high strength shafts?

If VEX is planning on making mecanums be high strength, they should rebuild their mecanums entirely…
The current ones are not good and they need to be updated.

If they spent as much time designing mechanum wheels they made for vex pro, they would be a much better option compared to the current mechanum wheels vex has now.

It’s not about using High Strength shafts, but the problem is that while using a 1/8" shaft, there is a high chance it will bend the wheel or the shaft if not being used with the 1/4" shaft metal inserts. (speaking from experience)

Honestly, yeah. We all wish mecanums were better, but it is what it is :frowning: