High Strength Shaft question

Hello, Our kids are currently trying to figure out how to attach their new high strength shafts to the crane that picks up the 2 point cones. The holes are smaller than the shaft. There isn’t anything sold by vex to fit the size of the high strength shafts thru the metal attachment. I just spoke with Justin from Vex and he advised me to post on here to see what the ruling is to Cut or recreate a metal lockbar with a quarter inch hole. We reached out to some companies in our area and one of them have offered to help us by recreating a metal piece with three holes, one small/regualr, one the size of our high strength bar and one small/regular size. Is this something that will be allowed? Our high strength bar is square shaped as well. Thanks for your help with our issue. We have twisted the regular size shafts into what is similar to drill bits… about 4 of them!!!

You have to drill holes into your c-channel or plates. Be sure to use the specific high strength bearings and spacers.

robosource.net sells high strength lockbars, or you could use gears as lockbars by attaching them to the metal and taking out the inserts.

This is not legal for competition. The HS lockbars from robosource.net are made from legal VEX material.

KMMohn and Bryan R- Is Robosource.net approved by the Vex to use in the competition? We don’t have enough space in the area to use gears . Thank you for your help.

Yes, everything Robosource sells is “VEX Legal”! It either falls under a rule like <r7b> (like identical fasteners), or is made from VEX material, like lock bars and 1x1 angle.

I wondered the same - the heavy axles look like they’ll fit high-strength gears but that’s it!

I haven’t seen any way to attach to anything. I’ll follow this cuz I want to know!!

Post pictures please. There may be other things that can be done so you can use the regular shafts without cork screwing them. There is no reason to have enough torque to twist the axles to move those very light weight cones.

Thanks @ILoveBots - seems the kids love the corkscrews enough that they use the as trophies - as such can’t upload a picture yet…

Agree. We are reducing the gear ratio to 3:1 for speed - nice to know we have this ability though!