High Strength Shaft Vex Plate

Hello! So our team found that we had a high strength shaft in storage and wanted to use it. (Link to part).

We were wondering if Vex sells any plates to fit these shafts because we couldn’t find any.

If not, then if your team has found a way to use them, then how did you fit them into your build.

Thanks for your help!

I’d recommend the big bearing flats (the ones that it came with) and a drill,
But if you don’t want to do that, I found these:

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Generally, you need to drill out a hole to pass a high strength shaft. Obviously HS gears and wheels fit, and robosource.net has lock bars to fit.


yeah, we just use a drill or drill press to make the holes, there are other less secure/ pretty bad ways to connect it, i would just drill



Still waiting for HS pillow block bearings.


stay strong, they have got to come one day. :disappointed:


Thanks that helps a lot, if we find an easier way to bore the hole, I’ll post it here

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