High Strength Shaft

If I am using a high strength shaft how will it fit into the 393 motor? Is there any special fitting that goes into the motor or is there any other motor for high strength shafts that I am unaware of?

There is no way to directly drive a high strength shaft with a vex motor. There is no need to directly drive a high strength shaft, since you can’t apply enough torque on a regular shaft with vex motors to deform it.

I have my high strength shaft connected to my fly wheel because all the other normal shafts keep on bending thus, not allowing my shooter to perform to the best of its abilities. So I figured that if I use high strength shafts it would support the wheel more better and it can handle the force of the wheels spinning and the balls shooting much more better

What size wheel are you using for your flywheel. The only wheel that can accommodate hs axles stock are the 3.25" range. Did you drill out a 5" wheel?

Yes we did