High strength shafts

With the new high strength shafts being thicker and the need for special bearing blocks, shaft collars, spacers, etc. that fit them our team was wondering if the current sprockets and 393s are compatible with them or if vex will release specialized motors and sprockets specifically for these high strength shafts.

Hi Fizzyks,
As you can see from the new 3.25" diameter traction wheel and Omni-directional wheel, we intend to incorporate the high-strength shafts into future products (with inserts to provide options for the original VEX EDR 1/8" square shaft).

Our engineering team intends to make rolling changes to many of our existing products also, but this is not always a simple thing. :slight_smile: Hopefully we’ll be able to provide this functionality in more options going forward, but probably not as fast as anyone (us included) would like.

Currently none of the VEX EDR Sprockets, High Strength Sprockets, 2.75" dia, 4" dia, and 5" dia wheels are compatible with the new shaft.

Regarding motor compatibility – our believe is that the initial shaft in a geartrain is not the one most in need of high strength shaft. VEX EDR designers should continue to utilize the original 1/8" square shaft for their motor shafts.

Let us know if you have any questions on this.