High Strength Sprocket & Chain Kit

Hi All,
I’m proud to announce the release of the High Strength Sprocket & Chain Kit.

Looks good. I like that it’s interchangeable with tank treads!

cool looks nice and sturdy


I’m liking it!


Real cool, anyone else notice that these have 50lbs of tensile strength:)

Hopefully this will stand up to the new motors. We were constently popping the old chain last year.

The shafts would probably bend long before we could even approach that…

I saw this one in Dallas and I have been waiting for it to be released. It’s a really great looking kit and I can’t wait to get one. Now all I have to do is figure out if there’s anything else that I want to order.

I saw an ad in the latest issue of Robot magazine for this kit and the Power Expander. I wonder if there is any chance that the Power expander might be released this week too? (can anyone at IFI comment?)

I recall overhearing a certain IFI employee say it should be out in “a month or two” at worlds.

I thought that’s what they told me about the LCD Screen. When I asked about the Power Expander, I thought they said that it might be out around Memorial Day. I could be mistaken though.

Since there was an ad for it, I was just hoping that it might be coming out soon too.

but will we be able to use it as a tank thread wheel

Yes. You can run VEX Tank Tread on VEX High Strength Sprockets.

Will the speed chart be updated to accommodate the new sprocket sizes?

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We just got two sets and I have to say that I am really impressed. Strength and size-wise they are a real good match for Vex robots. We have tried to use the smaller guage chain over the years and we often ran into cases where it would break under load. While the smaller chain is great for some uses, this new set allows us to implement some ideas that weren’t possible before. Nice, high quality product and IMHO the price is very reasonable.