High Strength Sprockets


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So in this thread from 2016, @DRow explained the projected timeline for the conversion of parts to being HS shaft compatible. I’m looking to buy HS sprockets, but the vexrobotics.com page for the sprockets makes no mention that I can fid of them being HS compatible. On robotmesh, however, the picture of the 18t sprocket shows a HS bore. My question is if I buy HS sprockets from Vex, will they have the updated bores? Is it just a select few sizes?

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@Brian_9605A, I can get a definite answer for you on Monday. I’ll see if there’s been any updates rolled out to the other products listed in that thread as well.


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I received a high strength sprocket and chain kit yesterday from vexrobotics.com and the sprockets are high strength compatible. I cannot guarantee that this is the case with all that they are shipping.


@DRow Any confirmation on what type of sprockets I would receive?


Unfortunately not yet. Should hopefully have something for you later today or tomorrow.


It’s ok, no real rush. I’m just a little pressed to place my order, and it would really help to know soon. Thanks again.


The following products are still on their original order from a few years ago, and have not be reordered since. These are typically slow sellers, so it could be another year before we reorder.
276-3876 - High Strength Sprocket 6 Tooth (8-pack)
276-3878 - High Strength Sprocket 18 Tooth (4-pack)
276-3879 - High Strength Sprocket 24 Tooth (4-pack)
276-3880 - High Strength Sprocket 30 Tooth (4-pack)
276-1497 - 4" traction wheel

These following products have definitely been updated to HS bore:
276-2251 - HS 12t Gears
276-2252 - High Strength Sprocket & Chain Kit
276-1902 - 2.75" Omni-Directional Wheels

Finally, these following products are more than likely completely transitioned to HS Bore and in-stock. We’ll have to manually check stock to confirm.
276-2185 - 4" Omni-Directional Wheels
276-1447 - 4" mecanum
276-1496 - 2.75" traction wheel

@Brian_9605A: So it appears that if you’re looking to get HS compatible 18 tooth sprockets, you’ll need to purchase 276-2252.


Thank you!