High torque motors?

I was at a competition on Saturday, and someone recommended high torque motors. I looked them up, and I could only find normal, high speed, and turbo. Is high torque even a thing?

High Torque does not exist the three existing internal gear sets are as follows Standard: which are the sets installed by default when you order motors. High-Speed: These sets come with motors but are not installed by the manufacturer so you need to unscrew the casing and install them yourself. and finally turbo: these need to be ordered separately and also installed through the same process of high-speed internal gears. All gear sets can be ordered from this page.https://www.vexrobotics.com/motors.html

“High torque” or “Torque” both generally refer to (in the cortex system) 393s running at 100RPM, the highest torque gear configuration for the 393. “High speed” or “Speed” refers to a 393 running a 160RPM gear configuration. “Turbo” refers to a 393 running a 240RPM gear configuration.

And if you are in the V5 world, the motors ship with the 200rpm gears, but 100rpm and 600rpm gears are available. 100rpm is “torque”, 200rpm is “normal” and 600rpm is analogous to “Turbo”, although my students call is “ludicrous”.

With how crowded the field is this year and how much pushing there is, do you guys think it’s better to use torque motors for the drive if you’re using v4?

No, go high speed 4 in. or turbo 4 in.(although there is a chance of burning out if your build quality isn’t up to par) or something in between. Torque motors won’t allow you to push someone because they will go around you, and you won’t bee able to score with your opponent with a slower drive.