Higher scores now possible?

I thought this was worth making a thread for. Check out the link below and read posts #5 & #6.


So now, 9 cubes can be scored on a 7 section skyrise. Is this going to be a game changer when it comes to the World Championship? Is this going to be necessary to win?

So now, 9 cubes can be scored on a 7 section skyrise. Is this going to be a game changer when it comes to the World Championship? Is this going to be necessary to win?

We’ll last year you could do that with buckey balls and it didn’t change it to much.

I think that’s a bit different. The bucky’s could be de-scored super easy. The cube on the skyrise is guaranteed safe points.

That I true but the cube on the post is the same as the buckey ball. Did anyone actualy do this at worlds at last second?

Possible, but unlikely. In toss up, high score is not 105 but rather 120 if you count double high hang, which in my opinion is easier than balancing cube. However still very few teams attempted it. This year, theoretical high score is insane – if assuming opponents drops all skyrise pieces outside of their tiles and you pick up all of them.

Edit: at early season, the week after skyrise game released, I CADed a pneumatic mechanism that is able to drop down the claw and pick up skyrise sections on the ground. In the videos I have watched thus far, I have only seen one team able to do so.

Not sure if I’m understanding your point…but these are my thoughts…

Last year the top buckyball was very often removed and replaced with a different color.

This year, if you place that 9th cube on your skyrise it CANNOT be removed by the other team.

This simply led me to wonder if those “extra” 4 points that are now attainable will change how matches play out. I feel that once we get to the world championship, all cubes WILL get scored…therefore if you can get 9 on the skyrise as opposed to 8, you now have an advantage.

Obviously the autonomous bonus is still a bigger thing…

That is why I love Skyrise for brilliantly shifting focus to programming and robot. The game is less interactive, which gives teams more freedom to attempt high score rather than stop opponents. If this is the case in world championship and none of any top alliances can outscore any other top alliances by 10 pts in driver control, skyrise is essentially a programming competition. We need more of this – robots differ form machines because they are “intelligent.”

No, no, no, no, no, no ai.

I agree, and love skyrise for the same reason!

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I feel like this quote is untrue; or at least is for us. Picking up a skyrise off the floor really isn’t difficult at all as long as you have some sort of tilting claw. We can do this fairly quickly and easily. But this isn’t really practical considering you would have to drive all the way over to the other side of the field.

I don’t understand which part of the post is within the volume defined by the outer edges. True the cube is within the post, but I don’t see how the post can be within the cube. It is due to the rounded edges of the cube? Time to fire up Inventor I guess.

While it would be very cool to see 9 cubes on a skyrise in a match, its not worth it and definitely won’t change the game. Keep in mind that that same cube scored on another post is a minimum of 2 points with no possession bonus, meaning that the 9th cube is effectively only 2 points extra.

The effort it would take to make a robot already capable of building and filling a full skyrise go that much higher as well as get the cube into that orientation would be much greater than implementing defensive tactics that would allow you to protect your goal possessions or getting better at descoring top cubes to steal said goal possessions from the opponent (Resulting in a 4 point swing).

This doesn’t even mention that in order for the 9th cube to count, it has to break the plane of the skyrise section and has to be placed perfectly.

It’s just not worth it.

Correct. I will change that. I have only seen one team doing so based on the videos I watched, but you are correct. Of course there are more other teams attempting to do so.

But I really don’t think its worth the time it takes to pick more skyrises from the other side. It probably takes everyone at least 15 seconds to go there and back, not to mention the other alliance possibly playing defense. Its not a feature we intentionally included in our design. We already have our claw tilting, and noticed it works to pick them up off of the floor.

I could very well be wrong, but I don’t think any special modification are really necessary in all cases (depends on the robot of course). I think in a lot of cases just some driver practice could allow teams to score that 9th cube.

For an edge case that will happen rarely, it made more sense to give the scoring team the benefit of the doubt and count this as Scored. This means the referees won’t have to examine this precariously positioned Cube in detail and can just count it and move along.