Highest autonomous score

So my team has been able to get 70 point in our program I was wondering if you guys have seen scores that are much higher


How did you get so much in your autonomous? This is my schools first year with Robotic competitions. I am trying to find some new ideas for next year. What is your design that allows you to get so many points in autonomous?

I believe this is IQ, as the tag says so. Unless they make traybots in IQ, which I highly doubt they do.


Yeah I’m on an iq team

That makes sense then, the highest I have seen was getting 20 or so points in autonomous. Then again, I am also in V5 not IQ. Don’t know why there is such a big gap in between them but what do I know, I am just the new guy here who is asking a lot of questions.

Because VRC teams and VIQC teams are playing completely different games. Comparing score magnitude between different games doesn’t really make any sense, there have been games where top teams score 30 points and games where top teams score 200 points.

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If they are playing completely different games, then why is it still called “Tower Takeover”? Or do they just have a different set of rules than VRC competitions

It’s not. “Tower Takeover” is the name of this year’s VRC game. VIQC is an entirely different competition, for students of a different age, using different robots, with different rules, playing a different game. This year’s VIQC game is called “Squared Away”.

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Ok, I didn’t that the different programs had different challenges. I thought they were all just one challenge and it didn’t matter the program. Guess I was pretty wrong on that, I also didn’t researched and went off of what I thought would make sense. So what is the big differences between all the programs and what they do other than having different challenges?

It’s for different age groups, EDR has metal parts and such, but IQ has plastic.

Ok, and V5 is a mix of both I presume?

Sorry, I don’t get your question. V5 is for EDR.

Ok, I was just a bit confused on that. I was looking at the top bar to see what all the programs are. Didn’t realize that EDR is the same as V5

V5 is a system, like cortex is, it’s not a program.

Ok, well there goes another question I had.