Highest Capacity Skyrise Robot

I’m curious as to what the highest capacity robot for skyrise cubes is. One of our teams, 6030J built a 4-5 cube carrier, and we want to know who can beat that and how. We know it can be done, as we saw a video of a 6bar in different country do 4 cubes- but we think we have one of the highest capacity robots of the year. Maybe.:smiley: If it can be beat, we would love to know how…

4-5 cubes is very high, that is the highest I’ve seen. Good job!

My team (36) had a claw on the front of our elevator lift that could grasp 3 cubes and a belt made of HS chain that ran all the way over from the front to the back of the lift for 3 more cubes. I have seen no other robots that could handle 6 cubes but sadly it has since been disassembled because it was unable to get higher than the medium goal.

6 cubes is quite impressive. You have also proven that the highest capacity is not necessarily the best goal. Good job for the try, though.

I don’t remember that one… did you ever bring it to competition?

We brought it to the Notre Dame Prep tournament. We lost in the semifinals because the load was too much for the chain running the lift. It began snapping link by link so we decided it was time for a change.

I found a pair of pictures of our robot, both loaded and unloaded- this is under construction
In case anyone was curious what it looked like

That is a very neat idea. I assume the conveyor on the back delivers cubes and “hands them off” to the conveyor on the lift?

Even if this didn’t work the best for you, it is a heck of an idea. I like it.