Highest Gear Ratio for a Single Flywheel

Are you trying to shoot full field with this?

Also depends on the weight of your flywheel.

The highest possible would be 1:35. This is what I use, but I’m reducing it because 3300 RPM is not needed for full-court. There is a team in my area with 1:40, but they have some sketchy stuff going on, and we need to wait until States for the confusion to be cleared up. I would run 1:25 at minimum, and max probably 1:28 8059A style because you only need about 2300 RPM to work properly.

Using the 3.25" wheels, i used a 49:1 gear ratio. I usually missed 1 or 2 balls out of 24 and it took around 30 seconds.

One of my teams with a single flywheel (25:1) can easily shoot 20+ feet. To shoot the net they use a velocity of 60.

I use two 5" wheels on a single 1:15 ratio turbo motored flywheel. It uses 4 motors and shoots full court at 55, however it has a greater fire rate if I use 60-65 power (Using velocity control) The end resulting RPM of this ratio is 3600 (Assuming perfection) While, (Also assuming perfection) my previous flywheel had a 1:35 ratio flywheel with torque motors and rotated at 3500 RPM. It shot full court at 75-80 power. (I was using 4" wheels)
I have no idea how far it shoots, something to do with a wall in the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same, I ran mine at 127 for the first time last week, and it was hitting the roof.

I use a 49:1 and shoots really well i miss one ball out of 32 from the tile

But why have such a high ratio when you could easily get away with something around 28-1

They may need it if their wheels are small. One team in my area has 1:45 on 2.75" traction wheels, but they still barely have enough power on a full battery to reach full court.

Ah I see now. I was under the assumption they were using 4" or 5" wheels mostly because that is what most are using.

I chose 5" because I took physics last year (and again this year for AP credit) and saw that tangential velocity is v = rw, meaning you need to spin faster for a small wheel or slower for a larger wheel. I experimented with a 6" flywheel, projecting about 2000RPM for full court, but couldn’t get it balanced. I’m hoping I could step down to 1:28 with no impact for Worlds (hoping I actually get there because VA states are going to be tough).

Correction I am using a 49:3 with 4in omni wheels the ratio is actually about a 16.333333:1 and i shoot full court

If you are attempting to shoot full court with a single axle flywheel, 1:21 on torque motors can still overshoot on 5" wheels if you get the backplate just right.

Might I ask how this is done? Or would that be revealing too much. I’m still content with possibly reducing to 1:25 on mine because we got compression right.

I’m using 15:1 with turbos, or 36:1.