Highest Possible Score and Average Score for VIQC Squared Away

@sankeydd posted in another topic that he had seen scores of 150+ at summer camp.
I mathed it and the highest possible score would be 170 if all of the balls on top of cubes and all cubes scored but that would be nearly impossible. so what do you think the average score this season will be
im thinking around 60-80pts average at the start?

That was for skills… Like 90 driver + 60 programming. I don’t remember exactly. And as I always say, we always use performance enhancing drugs.

I’m not surprised we didn’t see better programming scores at the signature event as skills was not a world qualifying spot. With effort they could have topped 180…

With practice, scoring all the cubes won’t be an issue for two bots to get to 100 even earlier in the season. From then it’s a matter of what else you can score… Getting the balls on top is a bit of a mess as they really like to roll off the top! However, getting the balls to somehow score on top of the cubes while you are taking them across the field will make you a super winner.

I think anything over 140 will be pretty brutal…

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oh, I thought you meant in a teamwork match so I was pretty confused. Sorry About that, we are trying to have a ball accumulator with a stringdexer that might be able to achieve that, i can PM you a photo of it if you promise not to share it.

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A stringdexer sounds pretty cool. It would be great if you could PM a photo and don’t worry, I do FTC, and im too old for IQ anyways.