Highest practical Sack Attack score

My buddy saxdude32 and I were bored on the plane, so we calculated the maximum practical score for Sack Attack:
10pts Autonomous bonus
+60pts for all 4 bonus sacks in the 30" goal
+20pts for 2 more sacks in the high goal
+10pts for parking bonus
+480pts for all remaining sacks scored in the troughs

580 points!!!
Blowout matches are going to be really fun this year. :slight_smile:
It also occurs to me that SP counts will likely extend into the 1000s at Worlds!

EDIT: Here’s what we got for Nuclear Option (perhaps G.E.R.?):
10pts for autonomous bonus
+10pts for parking bonus
+60 pts for all 4 bonus sacks in the high goal
+980pts for all sacks scored in high goal

I think this is what those out-of-the-box teams like G.E.R. might try.

Now we just have to figure out how exactly to score all the sacks on the high goals haha.

How about a super stacker. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would call it a Super Sacker.

Yes, but super stacker implies that the objects would be stacked, not sacked.

Stacking sacks would be very difficult. I wonder if anyone’s going to pull it off this year…

Theoretically, all we’d need to do to turn our Gateway robot into a Sack Stacker would be to invent a new type of intake and put it in place of the one we have now, but I think this would be too difficult…

You could do one of those pneumatic stackers, just smaller. Have it open up, drop on top of an object, close.

Or do a ratcheting system :stuck_out_tongue:

gotta love the sound of ratchets :wink:

High scoring games always sound much funner than low scoring games. Plus, the possibility of a tie is that much smaller. I remember in clean sweep I only ever experienced one tie during the entire season. Ties in gateway, probably the lowest scoring game in VEX, are pretty common place.

Stack Attack, anyone?

Interesting find while we were playing with the new objects: they stack really easily. We took the 20 sacks from the box we got, and started tossing them onto each other. Even if they’re just randomly piled, it stays together pretty well.

One idea we had, which may not be legal/feasible, is to pile all the sacks you can pick up and carry in a triangular prism bucket. Then something presses down on all of them, squishing them into a triangular prism which can be put on top of the high goal.

When we tried to sack the sacks in our kit, we found a stack of 20 was way too wobbly for comfort.

Way too wobbly for comfort? Seeing as you seem to be implying that it did hold itself up for at least some time, it sounds fairly feasible :slight_smile:

They could hold themselves up, but you had better be 100% sure they are straight up and down when you let go or they will fall over. Also, when we put that stack together, we made sure each sack was perfectly flat and even. They won’t be that uniform on the field.

You could potentially have a robot that has a brace around every 5 or 10 sacks in a tall stack or even just the top one(s). Those sacks wouldn’t count, but would enable you to stack higher and therefore score more points, in theory that is.

We thought of that too, but then we read the manual. It’s illegal, the sacks cannot be supported by the robot.

Not quite. The sacks cannot be supported by a Robot. I am currently assuming they remove the Robots from the field before scoring.

Don’t assume too easily-I think they might evaluate it on a case by case basis, how will they tell if the sacks are touching a robot if they take the robot off? I think in most cases they will be ale to tell without moving the robots.

or if there is a “grey” area where they dont know if your robot is supporting or not, you may have to just lift your robot out

Oh, hey. Another Arizona team. We don’t see many of people from our state, or many competitions to compete in.

Which team are you from?