Highest practical Sack Attack score

<G9> Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match once all objects on the field come to rest.

This implies that robots will be on the field when the scores are calculated.
Besides, if robots were removed as soon as the match ends and then the refs counted the score, how is one to determine whether a robot is parked?

No design is a stupid one. There are effective robots, and there are ineffective robots. Any robot that is capable of stacking objects in such a way that they would stay on the goal with the robot only touching the top object obviously has a very innovative intake system.

That is pretty much what Clause 1 of Scored says:

  1. A Scoring Object is partially within the three-dimensional space defined by the outer edges of a Trough or High Goal, projected upwards and infinitely perpendicular to the playing field.
    a. For a Scoring Object to count under this clause, it must not be touching a Robot of the same color as the Goal

I don’t have time to quote the rulebook, but it explicitly states that a robot cannot be supporting a sack (like from falling) for it to be counted as scored.

I have time.

“For a Scoring Object to count under either clause, it must remain in a scored position if/when all robots are removed from the field.”

There to have it. Robots cannot be supporting the game objects IN ANY WAY.

who told you that? :wink:
we will be in the college div this year

but hopefully our region tournament manager will have local “world Cups” (like NZ) that allows college teams to make high school legal robots and compete throughout the year to gain experience :slight_smile:

im pretty sure if there is any “question” to if a robot is supporting a stack or not, you can just remove the robot from the field and see if the stack topples?

Our field is the same this year, so you can compete (informally) directly against high school teams using your College robots. Play 2 minute matches where they do 15/1:45 and you do 60/60 :slight_smile:

If you organise something like that with a nearby school team a couple of times then by worlds you’ll have more experience with the game than most College teams have in previous years.

The odds are probably in the school team’s favour, but on the other hand we’ve yet to see what kind of 24" monstrosity you guys come up with. The extra 2 motors will probably help a lot, but less so with the 393 rule since this season motor power will be limited more by what the cortex can handle than by what motors are allowed.

I believe it was you that stated in my thread about the hybrid Gateway field that competing autonomously against a driver-controlled robot is unfair.

No, this was my reply to your thread (you mentioned that MSU couldn’t score in the opponents’ 30" goals at that point):

Unfortunately I didn’t remember this strategy for use at worlds, but we did beat MSU :p.

I think a hybrid high school/college gateway field would have worked ok for driver practice for both high school and college. The problem with it (and the high school vs. college games I’m suggesting) is that it wouldn’t be possible to practice the appropriate strategies. But it makes sense to get the driving sorted first and work on driving strategically later.

I think I was the one who said that. :rolleyes:

Ah, yes. The MSU coach wasn’t quite happy with me for revealing that. :smiley:

The fact that Sack Attack has no mechanical field differences between college and high school makes HS vs. College much easier this year. But I suppose a college team with a sizable budget could build 4 robots and scrimmage with themselves.

Oh, sorry. :o I guess I should’ve actually checked the thread before I made assumptions.

It’s fine :slight_smile: As a certain 254 member would say, don’t worry about it.

Who would that be? :rolleyes:

This thread seems to have gotten derailed a tad bit.

So for robot skills at worlds, I’m going to predict
+60pts for all 4 bonus sacks in the 30" goal
+40pts for 4 more sacks in the high goal
+435pts for 87 sacks scored in the troughs
+10pts for parking bonus

545 points

But realistically I’m going to go with 400 points.

Now in a match, I would say
+10pts for autonomous bonus
+60pts for all 4 bonus sacks in the 30" goal
+350pts for 70 sacks scored in the troughs
+10pts for parking bonus

430 points
is the most you’ll ever see

Yeah, 350-400 should be possible to score.

What about blowouts? Say there were 2 super-efficient robots vs. 2 squarebots that stop working 10 seconds into the match?

I don’t think that’s very likely. Even a clawbot should be able to score a few this year.

It seems to me that even a half-decent gripper will be able to provide a small point swing as scoring sacks for grippers, at least in the toughs, will be much easier than scoring huge balls and barrels.

I wasn’t counting on that because it would be a fluke. But I suppose you might be seeing 500+ if it’s in quarters and 1st seed vs 8th seed.

At the first tournament in Michigan each year, only about 10 of the 24 robots actually work… Blowouts are less common later in the season, but they do happen.

But how many of those robots are super-robots? The highest scores almost always come from worlds, and for good reason (they’re the best robots with the most time to refine).

I believe one of the finals’ scores at the first MI tournament was 26-22, which is comparable to many of the Worlds Elimination scores.

That said, many more of the early-season matches end up more like this one