Highest practical Sack Attack score

A single stack of all the sacks on the high goal would be 6 feet tall and weigh 50 pounds…just saying.

I think the troughs are much more practical because it probably takes less than half the time to score in a trough than in a high goal.

Lol I think 50 pounds would probably break the goal…

The scores this year:

Hoard everything and stuff it on the floor goals in the last 10 seconds of the match.

Lifting the arm wont be needed.

You are going to lose if you don’t descore… I think descoring is going to take up most of the time this year because the robots will take the other team’s objects and then score them on theirs back and forth leaving little time to get more sacks and lowering the overall scores.

I imagine this will probably be very effective, but it loses to a robot that hoards things and then dumps them in the trough in the last 10 seconds.

Regardless, I think you’re going to want to spend the early game limiting your opponents’ access to objects, with scoring only becoming a top priority in the late game.

Just remember that if you’re hoarding everything onto the floor goal, then everything must be touching the floor. Stacked objects don’t count, just like the floor goals in gateway

If a tile is roughly 4ft^2, how many sacks can we get on it, that we can then drive on top of?

Why bother scoring on floor goals? It takes 5 green sacks to equal one sack in the trough… and it is unlikely you will be able to hoard all the pieces…

i was told Murdomeek was not playing this year???


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Richard P

The floor goals are there so broken robots and robots that aren’t designed to score high still have a way to score. It’s naturally best to score into the highest goal you can.

The only problem there is is that all of the sacks put together weigh a lot and the high goal can’t support them, therefore impossible unless you support the high goal with the robot.

I think that would count as supporting the sacks, which is illegal.

Where in the manual does it say you can’t support sacks?

I think he meant to say that rather than it being illegal, they won’t count as being scored if they are supported by your robot at the end of a match.

If you were to stack them and then touch only the one at the top, then all of them except the top one would count.

That sounds stupid. I still think they’ll remove the robots before scoring the match. The rules on objects being scored have been brought up half a dozen times, and until someone clarifies how scoring will be done, we don’t know for sure.

Here’s the thing, though. If you let me apply pressure to the top objects and none of the others, then score all of the ones that are not touching the Robot, I’ve got a design that will score 400 points. There is no way that the rules will be read that “Any object on a goal that a robot isn’t touching will be scored.”. There would just be too many stupid designs.

<G9> Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match once all objects on the field come to rest.

This implies that robots will be on the field when the scores are calculated.
Besides, if robots were removed as soon as the match ends and then the refs counted the score, how is one to determine whether a robot is parked?

No design is a stupid one. There are effective robots, and there are ineffective robots. Any robot that is capable of stacking objects in such a way that they would stay on the goal with the robot only touching the top object obviously has a very innovative intake system.

That is pretty much what Clause 1 of Scored says:

  1. A Scoring Object is partially within the three-dimensional space defined by the outer edges of a Trough or High Goal, projected upwards and infinitely perpendicular to the playing field.
    a. For a Scoring Object to count under this clause, it must not be touching a Robot of the same color as the Goal

I don’t have time to quote the rulebook, but it explicitly states that a robot cannot be supporting a sack (like from falling) for it to be counted as scored.

I have time.

“For a Scoring Object to count under either clause, it must remain in a scored position if/when all robots are removed from the field.”

There to have it. Robots cannot be supporting the game objects IN ANY WAY.