Highest Robot Skills

:)Has anyone broke 254 yet? I know blank (8059a) did on youtube, but has anyone else?

I think team 973 did


Yes (10 char)

Dont think we can ever break 254 the way 973 did…

973 wins…

Much wow guys. I myself have never been to an FRC tournament, though.

I am tired of playing games kids. This is the forum. It is only for mature adults who have 2 jobs.

I’ll try to dissect this statement like a mature adult.

You say this forum is only for “adults who have 2 jobs”. Yet there are significantly more VRC, or high school (and therefore not adult) teams than VEXU teams (source:http://vex.us.nallen.me/stats). Aren’t they allowed to come onto this forum and ask question?

In addition, you have labeled yourself as a representative of VRC team 6430B. Thus, I assume you are either a high school student yourself, or a representative of a high school student or group of high school students, and by your claim should not be allowed on this forum.

In response to your claim that these adults must have two jobs, I see no evidence supporting this point. Would a full time worker at ROBOTC or VEX, who does not hold another job, not be able to answer questions?

I hope I have conducted myself like a mature adult and held myself up to your standards of this forum in this response.

hahahaha what? calm down. Take a joke. i was being sarcastic

I’m sorry. If we had been talking, this would not have happened, but your comment threw me, and I didn’t hear your “tone”. Sorry about that.

My team has but not at competition yet.

Are you gonna post a vid of that?

I don’t have one, we can probably get to the field and try though. I know e can break 210 easy.