Highest Score in a match??

Does anyone know what has been the highest score in a Sack Attack match?

I’m not sure if this has been beaten anywhere, this is the highest i’ve seen


WOW … what a game that was … wish i could have watched it !

At the October scrimmage there was a match that ended 340-55.
Results are here: http://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/auckland-scrimmage-october-3.html
Its SF 1-1.

And I presume 2941A is going to be at Asia Pacific…?? <sweat…>

Hi Meng. Yep, we will be there. Chris Hamling (Kiwibots (Vexhausted)) has provided us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to compete in such a tournament at home (unless Worlds are in NZ one day, and I don’t put this beyond Chris ;)). I doubt any NZ teams will be saving their best designs for Worlds - they will bring all they currently have to the table for this event.

Anyway, on the high scores; In qualifying, you should not see outrageously high scores, as teams should focus on scoring SPs and keeping the scores close (if they are not already uncomfortably close!). The following is the scenario when a big score is likely to occur:

  1. In elimination QF1 when #1 seed (2 efficiency bots) plays #8 seed.
  2. The #1 seed drivers have a little bit of an underlying mean streak (brought about by being #8 seeds in previous comps) and show no mercy :smiley: (hey - there are no SPs on offer).
  3. The #8 seed focuses on scoring rather than descoring.
  4. This is assuming #8 seed does not play magnificently and take the win!