Highest Score Possible

In one minute, my robot can score 206. I have seen teams that have scored over 300 in driver skills. Is it possible to get a score of 400? If you have any high scores, feel free to post them.

400 points is definately possible, but I am almost possitive that no one has scored that much yet, whether in practice or at competition.

I don’t see 400 being realistically possible at all, that’s 80 in the high goal, and say 10 of those were bonus balls, so even then only 70. so you would need a fire rate of 1.1 one balls per second, with 100% accuracy, and only about 60 could be pre-loads, so the other 10 you have to drive around and get, so to do that and not only get ten balls, 4 at a time, but to get ALL the bonus balls, would be almost impossible

more likely you would need 80 total balls, in 60 seconds, 20 of which you have to drive and get, not likely

Highest score so far in the world is 363.

For clarification, I am talking about a normal match with autonomous and driver control, not just driver skills.

Remember, as we go further into the season, teams improve by a lot. In the beginning of the season almost no one had a lift and now a lot of teams do (mainly middle schools).

It is definitely possible for all of the objects to be scored in a match, I think we will see a lot of that in worlds

All the robots must have very efficient robots for field to be cleared but I agree.

Well if you’re looking for extreme cases…

Highest score possible in skills: 94 Balls + 10 Bonus Balls = 570 points

Highest alliance score possible in a match: 570 + 10 (autonmous) + 50 (high elevation) = 630 points

Highest combined score possible in a match: 630 + 50 (high elevation) = 680 points

This is all disregarding any sort of capacity limit on the nets or whether this is realistic or not. I have no idea if you can fit 104 balls in a net but these calculations assume you can :slight_smile:

One problem that I think might arise at some point (Maybe), is having a net fill up and not able to hold any more balls without spilling out, while an other match that scores just as many might have the velcro trap open up and have the balls spill into the bottom. This might just leave it up to chance whether you can score more points or not. The highest match that I’ve seen on video was around 310 points, and I don’t think that it could hold many more balls. Does anyone know how many balls a net can hold?

Here in Indiana about half of the elimination round matches will have all of the balls scored. A full court shooter with < 1 second fire rate and a fast field robot can clear the balls pretty quickly.

I have already seen fields completely or nearly (1 or 2 balls) cleared already on youtube. It’s December. I think it will happen very often at Worlds.

I agree. I’m pretty sure that in the elimination matches at worlds, teams will be left with nothing to do but sleep or something for several seconds at the end; they’ll have elevation done probably at around the :25 mark.

About the fire rate, I believe that a fire rate of 1.1 balls her second is not hard, especially with a dual catapult or dual launcher.

but clearing the field is not hard this year. Especially if someone has an inaccurate shooter, they could just miss all the shots and still “clear” the field.

I have seen this happen so many times here in Georgia. Honestly, our scores could be higher if we had more accurate launchers throughout the state :frowning:

400+ in skills is possible.

You guys had a pretty high score in driver skills. And you won driver skills. Were you able to achieve a score higher than that.

If the velcro is open then the tournament isn’t being run correctly. You should talk to the people resetting the fields, or the refs, or the event partner. If you need to escalate the issue (you shouldn’t need to) then you can talk to your regional RECF representative.

Of course, leaving the velcro open is potentially something that benefits all teams at the event and is therefore less likely to be reported to the organisers by a team. For issues like this, ESPECIALLY skills challenges, it’s important for event organisers to be aware of the rules, honest, and vigilant so that mistakes don’t happen.

If event partners do make mistakes and teams end up getting very high skills or match scores because of those mistakes, then <T1> means that those scores stand unfortunately. In the case of an incorrectly recorded score, RECF’s policy (I believe) is to let those scores stand unless it is confirmed by either the event partner or the team that the score is incorrect. I’m not sure that these rules are fair, but all I can do about it is try to make sure the events that I help to run are transparent and of a high standard.

I just meant that sometimes the velcro opens up under the weight of balls. At the competitions I’ve been to, it is set up correctly. Thats what I meant by chance, not whether someone remembered to close the velcro or not.