Highest Score this Season for Skills and Teamwork

what’s your highest score for Vex IQ Squared Away,
Our Highest:
Teamwork: 83 pts
Skills: 63 pts

Are these at an actual event?


Yes these were at an actual event.

This was at the Mark Leon Invitational held in Hawaii. This was the first signature event of the VEX IQ season. The top teams right now in both Elementary and Middle School have qualified to go to the World Championship. This was a mixed competition with both Middle School and Elementary competing against each other.

24 teams competed in this tournament and as a volunteer I learned a lot about this game and am very interested to see how this game is played out.

The highest Teamwork score was 118 which was the winning score in the finals match.

Highest Skills score was 118 (Ironically enough), which won the skills 1st place for the tournament.

where we are the scrimmage don’t count for iq skills but it should becuse we have heaps of high scores in skills that would get into around 6th place combined in world skills

Was there a webcast of the IQ event like for the VRC event?

Nope, not sure why. I was kinda confused as to why.

are u talking about the mark leon invitational

In our summer camp one of the teams had skills in the 150’s…

I think we will see close to 200 pretty quickly but it will level off. In programming the cubes will be easy, the balls will be very hard…

I set up the webcast for VRC and I wasn’t asked to do it for IQ. Maybe next year?

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the max score with cubes is 100 points if you got all the balls on the top it would be 170 points but in a 1-minute time limit that seems very hard to do

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the highest possible score without putting balls in the middle of 4 balls is 155.