Highest scores in matches

So since there is a thread about the average scores in matches, I thought I’d start one about the highest scores seen so far in any competition.

Today we had a match of 119-9 which was the highest any of us had ever seen, it ended with both of the red robots High Hanging and almost every goal owned by the red alliance.

So I was just curious as to whether anyone else had attained/seen a higher score than this, and ultimately if anyone has so far had the maximum score of 135 :stuck_out_tongue:

An image is attached of the score in case any people were not believing this :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry about the bad lighting)

P.S. This was in New Zealand
2011-02-12 13.57.52.jpg

yes, it was an amazing game! i had so much fun… it was just like “screw SPs, lets score as much as we can!”

I guess the secret is now out about how good the kiwis are, then? :stuck_out_tongue:

HAH!, i half expected the pic to be the two hanging robots :stuck_out_tongue:
no luck there i guess
good job NZ, hope to see your abilities at worlds!

Wow, that’s pretty amazing. Both teams would have to have been absolutely top-tier bots. Show us your robots, New Zealand teams!

Obviously 119 points is a feat I’m not trying to knock down…

but I wouldn’t say because they scored 119 they’re obviously game masters. Round Up is less about scoring the most points possible and more about scoring versus descoring and opponent interaction.

“Anyone” can score a ton of points quickly with two barely mobile defenders. The majority of bots can grab a stack and score it in just a few seconds - the only reason it’s slower is because of descoring and stack knocking overing.

I agree with you completely, which is one of the flaws with judging by highest score. And in this case I do admit that the opposition were not the most efficient scorers, but they did score a couple of times, and descored several of our tubes and that the 9 points for them were points which they scored while we were hanging at the end of the match. They did also knock over the majority of the stacks.

I do however agree with you that the majority of these matches will be ones where two great robots are paired against two not as good robots. It’s not that we’re trying to say we’re the “game masters” as you say, but rather we have a fascination with high scores, and so are wondering what other scores have been achieved in Round Up so far.

so, when our team went to new zealand in december we were not expecting these amazing incridbly built robots. We made it to the semi-finals at a competition that had about 40 teams. Honestly against these teams that’s pertty good. Anyway, the highest score our team had scored is 97-2. It was in a qualification match, and only our robot was hanging. :frowning: See you guys at worlds.

what was the highest shutout that you guys have seen in elimination? yesterday we were in the low 70s to 0. seen anything that has better defense and offense to accumulate to a bigger shutout?

the original post is 119 to 9 which means that there is a 110 point difference - is that what you mean? or do you mean X - 0?

im wondering X - 0 but a 110 point difference is pretty awesome