Highest Scores

We are early on in the season, and I was just wondering what is the highest score that your team has achieved so far as a part of an alliance? (Not including skills).

Ours is 61 points, which we scored in a semifinal match at our most recent competition

Our highest scores are:

In a practice match - 65

In a qualification match - 59

In an elimination match - 50

Great to know and keep in mind! That’s a great advantage to know what the highest score is so you would know which pieces to toss back over

I once got 70 - 0 in a match.

I’d almost argue that high scores are more indicative of skills scores this year than actual match performance.

No discredit to anyone, but isn’t it technically a sign of a disparity of performance in regions?

The only reason i’m raising the question is because many people look at those scores to determine the strength of their region. I’m wondering if this year skills is more indicative of team performance. Especially as teams get closer to regional’s and worlds.
This is an interesting year for sure.

66-0 and 60-0 in eliminations