Highest Scoring NBN Match This Year

Hi guys! I’m Sunil from Team 3946E from Denver, Colorado. Yesterday was the NBN Colorado State Championship for both middle and high school. After being ranked 1st in morning matches, we picked @Cyber brains (Team 974X) as our alliance partner for the afternoon matches. After winning in our quarterfinal match, we then proceed to win our first semifinal match 394 to 82, which is the highest score one alliance has put up this year! (According to VexDB)

After progressing to the finals, we faced our most difficult opponents, the alliance of teams 1826 and 9019A. In the second finals match, the final score was Red: 337 Blue: 242, which makes it the highest total match score so far this year with 579! (Again according to VexDB)

Also, we put up a score of 363 in robot skills, which places us 11th in the world! If you would like to learn more about 3946E I would be happy to answer any questions. If you want to learn more about @Cyber brains , they have some great content on their channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxlbHXswYJm5XCwTqw5Jz_g

See you all at Worlds!

Wow, great job you guys! Out of curiosity, did you happen to have any hesitation about being lifted (considering the unlikely event of you being dropped).

No not really. Earlier in the year we had paired with @Cyber brains and we knew their lift was extremely reliable and same. We had also tested many times throughout the year to ensure no complications.

Personally, I believe @Cyber brains has one of the best lifts in the world right now. They can tune it to each robot by activating/deactivating stages to ensure that they do not throw the lifted bot.

That’s cool. Their opening chassis seems to be very successful. Would you mind sharing how big your chassis is? Looks to be smaller than 18x18. Any reason why?

In Colorado, there already exists 2 very successful lifts, 1826 and 974x. We wanted to build our robot to complement those lifts and any others people created. As a result, keeping our robot small (16 x 12) and weighing only 13.6 lbs allowed us to be lifted almost anyone. For worlds, we are planning on making our robot a little longer and wider to accommodate a rubber band intake.

Wow those matches were awesome! What is the max weight for 974x’s lift?

I believe they can lift almost 20 lbs now, as they made improvements prior to this weekend. Their max weight also depends on the center of mass of the lifted bot. I would pm @Cyber brains for confirmation.

Wow. This will definitely be on my list of robots to check out at VEX Worlds this year. Great job guys.

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We have updated our lift and can now lift 20-21 pounds in under 2 seconds. Just want to clarify, we can lift an 18" bot and are designed to do so.
Thanks for the shout out. 3946E was a phenomenal alliance! They scored huge points and have great leadership and drivers.

Can you just wear a shirt that says DRow?

I wanna be able to notice you haha

Right back at you guys! Too bad we’re not going to nationals… :frowning:

Not too sure about a shirt. But I’ll counter with a name badge.

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Awesome robot! Are you guys gonna make a reveal?

@Cyber brains has one for their robot on their channel (linked in the first post of the thread).
We do not have time to make one for our robot as we have some changes we want to make before worlds, but here is some basic info:
Drive: 4 motor direct drive geared internally for speed.
Intake: 1 motor intake roller and conveyor geared 1:3.84 using turbo gears and external gearing. Pnumatic stopper to allow for easy intaking and ball indexing (allows for our fast midfield shot).
Shooter: 5 motor 1:28 gearing (using turbos and exteral gearing). Rachetted. Controlled using well tuned PI loop, with the capability to shoot .25 sec/ball @ mid and close and .5 sec/ball @ starting tile.
There are not many videos of us shooting full field as @Cyber brains had us covered for elimination matches.

From the previous holder for this accomplishment, congratulations. That’s some fantastic fielding that you guys did, and limiting the opposing alliance to just 85 is incredible(Our score was 381-120). Very nice skills score as well! In your opinion was the pneumatics system worth -2 motors? I’ve seen a few robots transitioning to pneumatics instead of 12 motors and was interested in some of the reasoning behind it, and of course it differs from robot to robot. We will see you guys at Worlds :slight_smile:

Thanks! In my opinion for a 8059 style robot, the pneumatics are worth it to allow for seamless intaking. At the previous tournament we did not have the pnumatics, and it made the driver’s job very difficult and picking up 4 balls in programming impossible. Our flywheel was to the point that it was spinning back up before the intake got the next ball to the flywheel.(Despite being geared 3.84:1) For worlds we intend to move the flywheel to the center of the robot, allowing for a rubber band style intake. As a result we will cut pnumatics and innovate a new way to index the balls.

Welp! It seems that some teams beat our records today. The alliance of 5106E and 134D scored 709 points in a match! Considering the max score if you some how get your opponents preloads is 620, I admire their skillz.

The necropost is real… Probably just a mistake.

There is always time for a little fun.