Highest Scoring Skyrise Match

Science Division Semifinals 2-2.

Closest time is at about 5:20:57.

Highest combined scored match according to the VexDB: [http://vex.us.nallen.me/extras/high_scores?sprogram=VRC&season=Skyrise&stype=Total

Thanks to 2915A and 9090C for being a great alliance at worlds! We cut it close nearly every time, but made it to the end.](http://vex.us.nallen.me/extras/high_scores?sprogram=VRC&season=Skyrise&stype=Total )

Congrats guys! That match was incredibly impressive. I thought we had you guys there in the finals, but I guess getting beaten by world champs softens the blow for us. :smiley:

Congrats! Truly a great match.

1200F don’t sell yourself short. The match with you and 400X against 7232 and 21 right after it is the second highest scoring match. The 89 for the losing red alliance was the highest losing score in over 39000 VRC matches. Picking up reds last cube was brilliant.

Arguably, the two best matches of the year.