Highest Stack Bonuses in Skills

Does anyone know if 5 point bonuses are counted for stacking cones on stationary/mobile goals in driver and programming skills? Example: If there is one cone stacked on a mobile goal that is not put in any scoring zones, it would count for 7 points (2 + 5).

In the ITZ Robot skills manual it only says:

A Cone Stacked on a Goal is worth two (2) points.
• A Mobile Goal Scored in a 5 Point Zone is worth five (5) points.
• A Mobile Goal Scored in 10 Point Zone is worth ten (10) points.
• A Mobile Goal Scored in 20 Point Zone is worth twenty (20) points.
• A Robot Parked at the end of the Match is worth two (2) points.

It does not state anything about bonuses for stacks.

Thank you,
DYNObytes 7579

In the game manual, it says:

And thus it can be inferred that because the stack bonuses are not listed in the skills manual, they are not considered for skills.

Ok cool, I hope that’s the real answer because a team that had a 22 point auton got 27 points in programming skills, so the only way that could have happened is if they had made another program that got them 5 more points from a mobile goal into the 5 point zone (unlikely at first competition) or the highest stack counted towards their score.

Auton is only 15sec.
Teams definitely can do a lot more with the 1min skills challenge.

For a team that manages 22points during auton, I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to push one more mobile goal into the 5pt zone for skills challenge.

I totally agree. Frankly, if that was the case, they were probably disappointed with only scoring 5 more points in the remaining 45 seconds.

This simply does not sound out of line at all. I would guess that the only reason the difference was only 5 points is that they were working on other things a bit more. Any team that can score 22 in 15 seconds should be able to add another 30 points over the course of the next 45 seconds.