Highest Stack

What is the highest stack any one can get on the mobile goal with what lift? Ours is 11 cones with a scissor lift.

Mine can get 14 cones. If I am correct 315X can get 15 cones. I would say a good number to shoot for is 12, because that is how many match loads you get.

My current bot can only get 6 high and with a few changes maybe 8 or 7.

An old robot of ours could get 14, but it was way overkill.

My robot can get around 6 or 7 cones. But then again, we went for speed and not stack height.

15 cones, but right now it shouldn’t be quantity it should be speed. Most robots are not optimized yet but will be soon so go for speed rather than the highest amount of cones.

Zero! We do only mobile goals!

Tbh your robot will probably do better in programming skills then (assuming you have a good programmer)

Our lift has the height for 14. Technically haven’t run the robot yet, but it should be able to do that without an issue.