Highest total Match Score

This weekend at State our teams were able to take over the top total match score in the first match of finals.

175 total points!

Very nice…almost had all those red cubes scored but dropped two at the last second.

Is there a reason the two cyber pirates teams didn’t end up allying together? It seems that pairing would have dominated.

Impressive and some very good driving, especially considering these robots aren’t any of the 6 skyrise-auto type advanced machines (they’re very good robots, but driving skill played an important role as well).

Don’t know about why they chose who they chose, but it is interesting that in the match all four teams were from the same group.

Five of the six teams in the final were Cyberpirates (4 high school and 1 middle school). They split the top teams to give their partners that had not qualified for the US Open an equal chance to get a spot. The top teams together can break the 100 point club.

In house scrimmages are insane.

Will your teams still be competing at the Four State VEX Shoot out on the 28th since it was rescheduled?

Ditto on what cyberparent said, and yes we will be in Joplin on the 28th.

wow is it safe to say that you guys are the teams to beat in texas?

Very impressive.

What’s going down in Texas? Lol we are in unless you mean TSA Nationals. We are hoping to make it.

And a cube toppled off at the end of the match, too… could have been even a bit higher.

Nicely done.