highest vex lift

the highest I have ever had measured is my eight bar at 5 feet 3inchs anybody else

Well I’m 6’1 and I feel small next to the robot of the team I mentor.

The highest point (in any given configuration;)) of our robot is 79" or 6’ 7".

It might be a bit on the larger side of the spectrum though.:stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to competing against you 400x at the Austin TX match at Anderson.

Btw our team is 8512D

One of the teams I mentor from time to time, 24B used to have a “RD46B” lift that reached over 80" at it’s highest point. But later they realized they were lifting 10" higher than ever needed and so they then optimized their lift. However, raising that lift all the way during alliance selection at an event did get them picked by the team they wanted. :wink:

Just wondering how tall all you sky-scraping savants will be after you trip over all the steel brick wallbots we’re building down here. :smiley:

Darn dude.

It will still be 72 inches because the magic of anti tip slider/brake all in on.:o:p

Well, while your doing that, I will be building a possibly good robot… We’ll see.

All of these posts are from skyrise. A game that requires 5 feet of height change to be competitive. Add in the foot and a half starting height and we’ll above 6 feet made a lot of sense.