highlights of the Fifth Asia-Pacific Robot Championship

highlights of the Fifth Asia-Pacific Robot Championship, which was held in Taipei between Nov 11 and 13, 2011

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Teams confirmed in this video:

Team 8164, Fuxing Senior High School, Shanghai, China

several photos have been updated at flickr.com.
link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/59637394@N02/sets/72157628370230639/

Wow Nice robots, I’m hoping that’s in Fast forward. I like the first clips robots, its the first time i saw a fast horizontal intake (besides my own) they look really fast and effective

To your disappointment, this video is TOTALLY NOT fast-forward. lol

Have to say that I was also shocked by them.

Greetings from team 8066. Awesome robot you have there .

I know that robots look faster on film but holy crap that’s just scary, looks like we have a lot of work to do to compete at that level, in my region were just about the fastest but were slow compared to that

That is seriously fast. I may be considering adding more motors to drive now.

well the chassis is with only four 393 motors @ high speed and geared at 24:12 using HS chain.

so quaint that their robots had failed less than three times during the event.

This would mean that with:
-a 10lbs robot (probably more)
-a Speed Loss Constant of 81% (pretty standard)
-an Efficiency of 90% (also pretty standard)
-a CoF of .8 (based on recent test documented in forum for omni wheels)
-100% of the weight on driven wheels (a fair guess I think)
-2.75" wheels (4in wheels would trip your breakers instantly)

Your drivetrain’s outputs are:
-Top speed of 3.54fps
-Wheel stall torque of .06nm (motor stall torque of .0593nm)

and at Max Continous Load:
-Robot pushing force is .78lbs
-Motor Torque load is .69nm (tripping your breakers)
-Current draw per motor is 40.33Amp
-total drivetrain draw 161.32Amp

Your motor torque load at max continous use trips the breakers much faster as the weight of your robot is increased. (and I’m guessing that your robot weighs more then 10lbs)

I’m very suprised that this robot didn’t trip it’s breakers basically every match even if playing the isolation zone because the math far and away says that it should. So cudos to you for that.

Anyways, the competition looks fierce.
Regards, Bryan

The speed of these matches is really quite similar (maybe a little faster) to the World Cup played 2 months ago, just using different strategies. But regardless, those are some solid-looking robots.

For the red alliance in the first match of this video, that was one of the best strategies i’ve seen all year. :smiley:

It’s interesting to see the robots play the game as, at first glance, is meant to be played. Take the pyramid, and put it in your isolation zone where all the goals are. Not the best idea, but at least they’re playing with some sort of strategy.

Also, horizontal chutes. That’s pretty neat, because then you don’t have to worry about gravity fighting your intake speed.

I’d put money on it being the winning strat this year :wink:

We did it at Pan Pacific, both in qualifiers and in elims. In fact, I do believe that one of the teams we executed it with at Pan Pacific competed in this tournament shortly thereafter… It’s a great strategy, but there are some caveats to it. Notice that in that video Blue still filled up all of its goals. Starving can/will work, but it didn’t work here.

Consider. To load up all of the goals on the field to a tie in an average match, you need six objects for your high goal, four to split between the medium center goals, three for the high center goal, and two each for the low goals. That’s seventeen objects; the field contains twenty-two. The starvation strategy doesn’t begin to be effective until you starve your opponent of six objects, otherwise special barrels and stolen bonuses can still easily swing the match.

In that video Red hoards seven blue objects, but one of those was because their opponents missed in autonomous, so they really only got six on their own. Remember, that’s the minimum threshold of effectiveness… From the video we can see that their robots were not adequately equipped to take advantage of that particular strategy.

Of course, your opponent is never going to lose isolation objects or match loads (unless they do something wrong), so in order to actually consistently starve your opponent you need to have a robot that can beat every other robot to two thirds of the opposing interaction objects and still get more than one third of its own. None of the robots I’ve seen so far can pull that off against a good opponent. Hint hint.

Hm, that’s half of the question, object starvation. On the other hand, what about goal starvation? If one team fills up the center 30", one interaction 12", and say, 6/8 for the 2 20" goals, the other team has 2 12" goals and 1 30" goal to score in. It doesn’t matter at that point how many objects they have available to them (although less is better because it’s harder to find something to intake that way) because there’s going to be nowhere to score it.

Right. The better your offense is relative to theirs, the less starvation helps you. At some point you’re so much better than them that no matter how many interaction objects you starve it won’t actually make a difference.

At Worlds, close to finals, though… I wouldn’t count on robots having vastly different offensive capabilities. The difference, as always, will be in those three middle goals.

Agreed, I was waiting for the fill up the isolation zone strategy to happen. This strategy will continue to world championship and teamwork is going to be a major emphasis.

The first match in this video is one of the best played Gateway matches I have seen.

They didn’t show the Auton period for the first match.
At 20 seconds, the red Iso-bot doesn’t reach across the fence to score in blue’s Iso 20" goal. Surely that would have been a better placement.

One potential issue with hoarding/starving, is that it fills up your Iso zone and makes it harder to manuever around all the opponent objects to get to your own.

Is that high school or middle school? It looks like all of them are practically the same design.

I am sure a majority of them are high schoolers.
There are not many middle school teams in VEX. Stinks
for us because we have to go against high school teams.
O well, we started young!

I’m still waiting for green eggs to unveil the robot that dumps the entire wall of game objects into their isolation zone in auto while scoring all their preloads in the middle goal. That would be a pretty devistating first 5 seconds.