highlights of the Fifth Asia-Pacific Robot Championship

Or it will be clarified long before World Champs. :wink:


Q&A discussion is ongoing regarding pancake and related.
SweetMochi -Team Wassabi had a video example somewhere that I’ll reference in the Q&A when I get a real pointer to it.

Re Jordan’s quote, my interpretation is different, and the “what happens” is in the first sentence. Same quote again:

I don’t see any rules against pancaking a starting tile, ie: you are allowed to do it.
It is just ineffective, because doing a pancake ( > ~50% coverage of tile, per recent Q&A update) creates SG7 allowance for your opponent, so they don’t even have to touch the square, just touch your defending robot.

Here’s the video. It’s Final 1 of the BC Season Opener. At ~6:26 look at the left side of the field (red side) for a situation that seems to model “pancaking”.

8066 (aka Zeus) in the video is a middle school team.
In fact, watch out for them during the world championship… middle school world finalist for 2011… and this season, they are even more awesome…

they are definitely pushing my teams really really hard…

as for the similar design (i won’t call it “same”)… well… let’s face it, there are only that few “common” approaches in lifting up the game elements up to 30".
If you look at their robots closely, you’ll notice a bit of variations here and there. So I wouldn’t call it the “same”. but of course, the approaches are very similar, eg. tread… 6-bars… etc…

how many elements can the 8113 robot hold?