Highrise supported by basecube and another cube

I will be serving as the Head Ref for a State Championship this weekend and I am going back through situations I have seen over the Highrise season to ensure I understand how they should be handled.

The definition of a Highrise is:

“Highrise – A vertical structure of Cubes built upon any of three Highrise Base Cubes. A Cube is part of a Highrise if: 1. It is not being touched by a Robot 2. It is fully supported by a Highrise or it is a Highrise Base Cube. At the end of each Match referees will gently remove any Robots that are contacting a Highrise to ensure that the Highrise is not being supported by the Robot.”

The action that a Referee should take if a Robot is potentially supporting the Highrise is clear. How should the following situation be handled?

An alliance has built a Highrise where the Highrise is supported by the Base Cube and is also definitely or potentially supported by a second cube on the field floor next to the base cube. The words I am focusing on in the above definition are “fully supported”. How should this situation be handled? Should the second cube that is definitely or potentially providing support be carefully pulled away just as a robot would be carefully pulled away? I don’t see where this has been addressed anywhere.

Thank you.

Yes, the Cube should be pulled away in the same manner a Robot would be.