Hinge Intake Lock. Help needed

Hello. I have a question about intake locks.

We decided to use hinges on our intakes so the can splay out more when we stack. However our intakes can only intake 4-5 cubes now, less than our previous average of 7-8 cubes.

Do you have any ideas for locking mechanisms? Photos and information appreciated.

Thank you!

We do not have a locking mechanism on our hinged intakes they are double-banded to pull them towards the tray. We had to put them a little closer to the tray than they were to get equal compression.

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Thank you for advice. How do you double band the arms (if possible can you send a picture)? Also, how reliable is it and how many cubes can you intake?

There is a standoff on the arm and a standoff on the intake with nylon spacers screwed into the top. There is rubber bands that are folded over each other to increase the tension. It is reliable and we can intake 9-10 cubes consistently. However, I can not send pictures as I don’t have any and am not at the robotics room currently.

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Thank you for all your help.

No problem, I will try to send a picture in the morning.

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Any updates on the pictures?

The best intake lock is none because if you have one you get a lot of flex.

Thank you for the advice.

When putting on the hinges, we thought that the less compression it has, the easier it would be to stack. After testing, we realized we didn’t have enough compression and could only intake 3-5 cubes.