Hinges for a tray

I was wondering if anyone had any designs for hinges on a tray? I want some that are pretty compact, but I don’t have any 45 degree gussets, does anyone have a design that doesn’t use 45 degree gussets but is still compact?

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My tray this year just uses rubber-banding on the sides

Some of these may be helpful.

Telescopic stuff, not your question

How to Create a 3rd Stage on a Tray Robot


Here is a picture of hinges that I had for my tower takeover robot they were very simple and worked well if you build them rightimage

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I used alternating c channels patterns that locked together

That’s the same one I had this year but I used steel washers instead of spaces

Yah it’s just really simple to use.

image image image

These are some other hinges for consideration.

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I used that one as well. Just flipped.

We decided that our end of year design for our Tray last year used small little flat 3x2 and were attached with plentiful Nylock nuts onto our tray the one Nylock attaching the 2 together.

Whatever works for you really.

Have a great season!

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