Hints about 1107A

Just for peoples info on Super Stacker…
Alright, this is how it goes…
Super Stacker + 1107A vs any combination equals unbeatable as in scoring minimum of 34 to a maximum of 40 points.

Wallbot like green eggs + 1107A vs any combination is Minimum of 30 point to maximum of 33-34 points

Wallot alone + 1107A vs any is minimum 28 point to 32 points

Nz + 1107A depends on the type of NZ robot. Minimum points 28 max 32

This is all estimate. But see the efficiency of the Super Stacker… Too Boss:cool:

Its an estimate… If the robot works like I planned it…:smiley:

Either it’s a stacker, or you’re somehow stealing the opponent’s doubler and their iso goals.

From the scores you have said and the bots that do better with you it seems like you are an iso bot. One question I have is can you score objects into 1107B and then block the opponents?

Huh I thought that your robot was just a side roller with wings or something like that that uses pneumatics.

Also you have a 0% chance of being in the same division as 1107B since teams from the same school won’t be in the same division.

Mideumdave or u never know someone else
That was my old robot. Made a new one… never know its another staker

and what are your sources?

Nope not sure about that. But ur on the right track

They clearly stated in the world championship FAQs that teams from the same school will be split into separate divisions. Perhaps not a 0% chance but it’s pretty close.

Maybe ur on the right track keep it up

If your school has four or more teams, they will be. :wink:

Oh, and this robot sounds cool, although you didn’t account for someone having the exact same robot as you, and the same quality of drivers as you, and the same strategies as you. (However unlikely that may be… . :rolleyes:)

…Sounds good. :slight_smile:


EDIT: ninja’d!

Linky? I don’t remember that being said by VEX.

Also: What if there are 5 teams from the same school? Will there be teams from the same school in the same division? :stuck_out_tongue:

last year our school brought 6 and we split into two divisions.

Guys, I was talking specifically about their teams because they are sending 2.

3 teams might result in 2 teams in the same division.

https://vexforum.com/t/championship-updated-faq-april-3-part-b/21255/1 6th from the bottom

We are bringing two teams even though we qualified 3. Why? Less members and good robots. :cool: B team has two members and A team has two members!

Didnt you have a NZ style robot during the time when 1107B’s robot was revealed?

Yep. Improved it.:smiley:
Or made a new one
or maybe just copied 1107B:D
“hints or this is a… not reveal.”
On Monday when I see the division list!!

EXO is bringing eight teams and 50 students. Sort of the anti-Cambie club. (“Anti” as in “opposite,” not “against.”)

no you are incorrect
that Q+A just states that your school will not all be stacked in one div intentionally

nor does it say that they will be intentionally split up (1,2,3,4 repeat)

like in clean sweep year, they did SSTTSSTTSSTTSSTT for the first half of the numbers
then EEMMEEMMEEMM for the remainder

Is it a transmission-wallbot with an NZ-style scoring mechanism, so that it can switch between being a wallbot and an NZ bot?