hitting flag with balls

Hello all,
I’m putting the finishing touches on my robot and realized my lift isn’t strong enough. I want to use more motors to strengthen it. Anyway, I don’t have enough motors to strengthen it. I want to cut one out and the only way to do so is getting rid of my ball launcher. For my intake i’m making a claw to lift it into the front of my shooter. Does anyone know if i can use the claw to hit the flags straight with the ball i’m already holding as long as I don’t touch the flag with my robot? Does the ball have to be shot? This is the only way i can think of cutting one out, thanks.

Well, you are only allowed to toggle the top 2 flags with balls that are not touching your robot. AKA, you have to shoot them. However, you are allowed to hit the bottom flags with your robot directly. You do not have to shoot a ball in that case.

You also can only expand up in the expansion zone, you would not be able to expand up near the flags.

Would you mind sharing pictures of your lift and shooter? It is possible that you could fix up the build quality and keep the same design. Or maybe change up your gear ratios if they are not optimized.

If you wind up with too few motors to do a shooter, you can instead do a catapult design. Catapults have a lot less work loss to friction, so all that losing motors does to a catapult is increase the cycle time (which is why some teams are doing 2-ball catapults to cut cycle time per ball in half).

As for your rules question, there are two rules that talk about why hitting high flags in the manner you describe would be disallowed: <SG2> prevents vertical expansion beyond 18" outside of the Expansion Zone, and no High Flag is within reach of the 36" horizontal expansion limit from the Expansion Zone nor the 18" vertical reach of a Robot outside of the Expansion Zone; <SG7> states that Game Objects cannot be used to accomplish actions that would otherwise be illegal if they were attempted by Robot mechanisms, with the sole exception of hitting High Flags with Balls that are not being contacted by a Robot (that is, you would have to launch the ball and not be holding it).

You could do what we did by chaining the flywheel to the intake. Though we have an indexer to control the balls.

Depending on the region their won’t be many cap bots this can be an advantage. in my mind a cap bot flag bot alliance beats all other alliance types.
In short you will be highly sought out as an alliance partner.

If you are going caps only make sure to be able to stack them quickly! Optimally it shouldn’t take much longer to score them than it takes to descore them.

I agree, and as a specialized cap bot I have experience in this area (some of these descorers are fast)

are you using v5, or cortex?