Hitting the Flags with Caps

Philosophical question of the day: can you hit the flags with caps?


I know it’s illegal… but can you?

The people must know

The obvious answer is yes you can. It is entirely possible to hit the flags with the caps if you can build a robot that can either raise a cap high enough to hit the flag or throw a cap to hit a flag. Asking the question, “can” you do it, merely asks are you able/capable of doing it.

I meant more like launching a cap into a flag.

The more philosophical question: Can we have at least one match where a flag hits a cap?

The problem is you couldn’t reach vertically because of the expansion zone. You also couldn’t reach horizontally from the expansion because of the 36-inch rule(I don’t think you could, I haven’t tested). I think you would … have … to … launch … … them?

Other than it being illegal in the game, there is no reason why would can’t. Just build a robot that throws/shoots the caps.

For what it’s worth, I’d love to see this anyway.

Maybe if your alliance partner caught the cap, in an elaborate keep-away maneuver, scoring on the post to finish it off. May be something for a fast iterating organization like 8059; They’ve got the cycles to work this out.

We have not tried anything that elaborate yet… just trying some cap-flipping from mat to posts that’s all…

But now you have given me some new ideas… frisbees!

Would it be legal to shoot a cap at the lower flags?

Of course. You can do anything with the lower flags as long as you don’t pose a risk to break them.