Hitting the ramp -- safety rule

One student on my team designed a hammer-like structure that hits the ramp causing vibrations sufficient to make the balls fall off the ramp. It’s a quick (and in my opinion quite creative) way to score 16 points right at the start of the match. The hitting-end of the structure has official 200mm VexIQ rubber tires and the structure is designed like a reversed-pendulum. A motor-driven mechanism pushes it up until it reaches teh tipping point, after which the arm falls down and hits the ramp.

We tested the mechanism and it reliably causes the balls to fall off and it does not damage nor displaces the ramp. However, I am still concerned whether such a mechanism would be considered a violation of rule <S1>, given that it is designed to hit the field element.

Provided that this mechanism does not actually damage the Ramp, this would be a legal strategy.